The main characteristics of Eps pre expander machine

- Nov 02, 2017 -

Quantitative pressure eps pre expander machine, foam fluidized drying, crushing, screening, conveying device, automatic circulation foaming system. After Eps pre expander machine foaming, curing process under atmospheric pressure, can supply foam molding mechanism into various shapes of foam plastic packaging products and different specifications of the foam plate. The main features are as follows Eps pre expander machine:

1, EPS pre expander machine using PLC programmable controller and touch screen control, automatic electronic metering, automatic feeding, automatic temperature and pressure control of the barrel body, automatic induction material, ensure the machine automatic cycle production.

2, EPS pre expander machine with electronic weighing system, photoelectric material level control system, the correct grasp of the foaming material density, the beads of uniform density, each error is less than 3%.

3, Eps pre expander machine barrel temperature and steam pressure, the pilot valve with high precision and advanced control, ensure the valve outlet pressure is always constant, ensure Eps pre expander machine material barrel temperature control within +1%oC, so as to ensure the consistency of a EPS material, prevent EPS raw materials because of the temperature control is not good and caking.

Feeding device of automatic screw with 4 Eps pre expander machine, negative pressure feeding device, electronic weighing device, improve production efficiency, reduce labor intensity.

5, Eps pre expander machine barrel adopts closed constant pressure foaming, saving steam, high thermal efficiency, energy saving more than 50% than the pre machine.

6, The Eps pre expander machine with fluidized bed drying machine, by pre discharge automatically after the fluidization drying, ball crushing, automatic screening, to the curing bunker function of automatic raw material conveying fan.

7, The Eps pre expander machine with electrical, pneumatic components, valve and so on are well-known brand products at home and abroad, so as to ensure the reliability of Eps pre expander machine running stability, and long service life.

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