The material suitable for Cnc Foam Cutter Machine

- Nov 12, 2017 -

  • The material suitable for Winplus Cnc Foam Cutter Machine: mobile phone gasket, touch screen, dustproof net, film switch, film, adhesive tape, double-sided tape, foam, 3M, PET, PT, PC, PP, PS, PCR, SMT, ITO, EMI, EL all kinds of adhesive material, composite materials, electronic insulating materials, touch panel the printed circuit board, cardboard, corrugated cardboard, cardboard, honeycomb board, foam board, plastic board, veneer, paper, cardboard, gray carbon paper, cloth, leather, wood, plexiglass (acrylic)......

  • The Winplus Cnc Foam Cutter Machine is a kind of new material can be used for sealing joint plate concrete highway expansion joints; can be used as a road bridge joint sealing plate; the water conservancy project dam, dam protecting, stilling ridge, slope protection, block wall expansion joints plate; the products are widely used in hydropower, thermal power, water engineering, water tower bottom joint plate; joint plate for building settlement joints, frame structure; use water and sewage treatment plant water tank joint plate plate joint life; runway; joint board port, concrete tunnel, tunnel; concrete joint water board; subway, underground concrete watertight joint plate.

Application characteristics of the Winplus Cnc Foam Cutter Machine:

1. Our Cnc Foam Cutter Machine is welded by high quality rectangular steel pipe. The structure is reasonable, firm, high strength and invariable type.

2, Our Cnc Foam Cutter Machine adopts frequency control, can realize stepless speed regulating 04.5m / min meet various requirements cutting speed.

3, Our Cnc Foam Cutter Machine with horizontal, vertical and block Zhuang cutting device, smooth movement, cutting size is accurate, arbitrary adjustment, can achieve three directions of cutting.

Precious Conveyor Belts Ensure Smooth Transferring Of The Blocks:

Vibration Cutting Section:

Vibration Cutting Section.jpg

Technical Data:

Technical Data.jpg

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