The seven characteristics of foam machinery forming machine

- Mar 09, 2013 -

The composition of the automatic foam machine is as follows:

1, foam machinery host screw barrel is the use of imported high-strength steel manufacturing, durable.

2, automatic foam machinery using cone screw barrel, foam machinery can speed up the feed speed.

3, using the main and auxiliary machine supporting production methods, heating temperature stability, can effectively improve the structure of the material molecules, and enhance its permeability, the high quality of particles.

4, foam granulation unit mainly by the extruder, grinder, automatic traction granulator and other components.

Foam machinery has the following characteristics:

1, the use of imported touch screen PLC, the whole Chinese display, foam mechanical interface intelligent control, to achieve man-machine dialogue.

2, can perform automatic, semi-automatic, intermediate start and manual operation of four ways.

3, the hydraulic system is running smoothly, the noise is small, the clamping force is big.

4, the vacuum system to speed up product molding speed, foam machinery to shorten the cooling time, reduce product moisture content.

5, the machine is optimized, redundant design makes the machine simple and neat, high strength, high cost performance.

6, the machine has a variety of heating, cooling, filling, product stripping and other processes to adapt to the production of different EPS products.

7, perfect fault self-diagnosis, motor protection system to protect the foam machine forming machine safe operation and protection.

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