The significance of improving the temperature control system of coating equipment

- Aug 01, 2016 -

To understand the development、the work principle、the heating methods of coating equipment , emphatically introduced the software design of a new type of heat roller structure, temperature control system design and control system design, including the main program and interrupt program, is of great significance to the improvement of the temperature control system of coating equipment. Laminating process is an important technical measure after finishing printing, and it can increase durability and beauty after laminating.

Film coating technology rose in the 60s of last century, the earliest use is the coating technology (that is, oil coated film). Later, the American GBC company invented the pre coating technology, because this technology overcomes the defects that exist in the coating, has gradually replaced the coating technology. Film is an important means of material such as paper for printing carrier for surface finishing, coating quality put forward higher requirements for the stability and accuracy of temperature control of laminating machine.


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