The use of crusher machine and precautions

- Oct 28, 2017 -

First, the use of methods

Please switch off the power switch before using this machine.

1, open the cover (clockwise, counterclockwise drive).

2. Put the dry medicine into the crushing box.

3. Close the top cover.

4, plug in the power, open the timer switch.

5, when the rolling sound is more uniform, indicating that the drug has been smashed into powder, you can shut down.

6. Open the top cover and pour out the powder.

Two, matters needing attention

1, for the personal safety of the user, the power must ground wire.

2, the crushed material must be dry, not suitable for processing moist and fat Chinese medicine.

3. The crushed drug should not exceed half of the capacity of the crushing tank.

4, general Chinese medicine grinding only half a minute, hard medicine grinding for a minute.

5, the machine can not be used for a long time, each boot time shall not exceed 5 minutes. If the number of processing is large, should be used at intervals, to prevent overheating bearing, damage the motor.

6, please don't start switch when the upper cover is open.

7, after long-term use, carbon brush and blade such as wear serious, need to change.

8, often check the blade screw, must be tightened.

9, every day after the completion of the work, so that the machine transported to the air 2min, the remaining material sucked clean. After shutdown, open the cover to check whether the parts are damaged or not. After the remaining material is removed, the cover is closed.

The above is about the use of crusher machine methods and matters needing attention.

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Technical Data:

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