The use of vacuum coating equipment can effectively improve the gloss and fastness of printed matter

- Jun 18, 2017 -

The plastic vacuum coating equipment is coated with adhesive, and the paper for the substrate printed by rubber roller and the heating roller pressure close together, one form of paper and plastic products. After printing film, the plastic film surface with a thin layer of transparent, surface smooth and light, not only improves the print gloss and fastness, prolong the service life of printed products, while plastic film plays waterproof, wear resistance, folding resistance, chemical corrosion protection etc..

A detailed description of vacuum coating equipment:

1. the base, panels and other cast iron structure, never deformation, to ensure that the use process and maintenance and replacement parts will not affect its accuracy.

2. coated rubber cots and rubber cots Seiko production, roll surface concentricity error within 0.01mm, in order to ensure uniform coating, while saving the amount of glue.

3. hot composite steel roller mirror mirror processing, laminating finished this is extremely good.

4. Electronic automatic thermostat.

5. hydraulic system unique design, precision and stability.

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