What are the advantages of automatic block making machine?

- May 06, 2014 -

With the continuous development of society, China engaged in block manufacturing equipment manufacturing enterprises are also developing. Automatic block making machine is a fly ash, river sand, gravel and other materials to add a small amount of cement production of new wall material block machine. The following main to introduce the block forming machine which advantages.

1, compared with the traditional machine, block making machine raw materials using industrial waste, more environmentally friendly, more energy efficient.

2, block making machine is a three bars up and down a pressure molding, molding can be immediately after stacking, do not need to brackets.

3, block making machine body with high precision, high strength materials, steel, and long life.

4, block forming machine is the use of mechanical and electrical integration technology, forming high yield, good stability, low scrap rate.

5, block forming machine brick production costs low, lucrative. But also according to the production needs of the preparation process, to achieve semi-automatic, fully automatic operation.

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