What are the advantages of EPS Block Molding Machine?

- Jul 19, 2013 -

EPS Block Molding Machine is the production of EPS block manufacturers of special equipment. Is made of polystyrene as raw material, pre-pre-foam, dry, cooked treatment, the machine will automatically feed the raw material beads into the cavity, and then into the steam heating, heat fusion molding, and then by After the exhaust cooling, the compressed air and the ejector rod will automatically eject the foam from the mold. The entire production process all completed by the Mitsubishi multi-function PLC control, simple and reliable, high efficiency. Compared with the general molding machine, the machine has the following advantages:

(L) system monitoring function. Using the HMI (man-machine interface), it is a multi-functional compact PLC touch screen network connection, the formation of a clear visual flow chart, the production process greatly shortened, saving energy, and dynamic display work progress.

(2) parameter setting and correction function. For each specification of the block, the process parameters can be set. To ensure that the work requirements, the initial set of parameters can be corrected according to actual requirements.

(3) according to ergonomic principles of interface design. The use of color LCD display and a special cabinet design, stable and reliable performance to ensure the operation of the convenience and correct, to overcome the general block machine man-machine interface is very friendly and other weaknesses.

(4) can facilitate the I / O port expansion, and a long-distance communication interface, according to the needs of the work network, to meet the needs of modern development.

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