Advantages Of WINPLUS Superfine Box Crusher Machines

- Mar 01, 2016 -

1, Crushing temperature is low: without cooling system, in the continuous ultrafine grinding machine operation, the production of powder temperature will never exceed 50 degrees.

2, For any fiber, high toughness, high hardness or a certain moisture content of the material can be applied; for pollen or other spore plants required to break the cell wall material, the wall breaking rate of 95%

3, WINPLUS box crusher machines can be added water, alcohol or other liquid for wet grinding, or through the gas for protective comminution.

4, The use of pharmaceutical stainless steel materials, in line with GMP requirements, the production process is fully closed, no dust overflow, no loss of materials, meet the health standards. 

5, The crushing rate is 100%, almost no loss.

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