Another EPS Precious Pre-expander Machine Was Shipped Out To The Customer

- Dec 27, 2017 -

Another EPS precious pre-expander machine was shipped out to the customer. The customer produces electrical package, and requires the expanding gravity tolerance very strictly. Currently the customer has a simple pre-expander, the effect is not good, the gravity of the shaped product are not stable.

The new pre-expander machine will give him the best solution. At first, the precious leveling control can make the expanding volume of each cycle nearly the same, and the precious infeed system controls the raw material very well, so the expanded beads can keep the even size and the smallest tolerance.

Furthermore, the professional designed steam pipe system will let the steam flow very flat, and the consumption is lower than other brand pre-expander machine.

As long as the customer finishes the preparation, the technical engineer will go to the site for commissioning and the training. 

EPS precious pre expander machine.jpg

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