Bubble Machinery In Use Of The Precautions

- Oct 20, 2012 -

Foam mechanical composition: 1, foam or extrusion part. The raw materials into the steam through the high temperature or electric heating, etc., the raw material foam, to be shaped. 2, forming part. Will be a good foam material into the molding machine, molding products. 3, cutting or product drying and other parts. The product of the molding machine is delivered into the cutting machine or transported into the drying system. Bubble machinery in use Note: 

1, check the screw is loose, the spindle rotation is flexible. 

2, the correct installation of the motor and its lines. The motor uses three-phase 380V heatsink with 220V current. 

3, make the body outside the good grounding protection. 

4, check the test machine spindle steering is correct. 

5, the heating plate preheat to the barrel shell melting foam, and pay attention to each extruder before the start must be made up and down the barrel of raw materials completely dissolved, for rotating a large round of flexible. It is recommended to use the torch to enhance the preheating of the upper and lower head. 

6, flexible control of the length of water into the water, depending on the temperature, the water temperature is different, the water will be about 1.1-1.7M by the water, so that the strip is not broken broken, cut off after the non-stick. 

7, observe the material color, shape, flexible control of the heating power supply for the situation. 8, the raw materials in the gray, soil and other impurities more, you can add 20 mesh in the screen before the screen - net, 1-3 layers of the screen to ensure that the color of particles, purity.

crusher machine:

crusher machine.jpg

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections:

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections.jpg

eps block moulding machine:

eps block moulding machine.jpg

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