Crusher Machine Is An Important Part Of Grinding Production Line

- Apr 18, 2015 -

The crusher machine is suitable for most crushing conditions. The teeth are evenly distributed, and the particles are evenly distributed in the grinding process. In the process of work, it can produce rapid friction, so that the temperature of the material increases to achieve dehydration effect. The crusher machine is completely used in the crusher, and even if the number of cleaning is reduced, the corrosion resistance can be better. Its surface smoothness is high. It is also suitable for high precision material processing. Coarse crusher in its use process, more difficult to use, cleaning work is relatively simple, many advantages make a lot of people like this kind of machine.

crusher machine wepac material crushing process, does not require processing fine, widely used in food, pharmaceutical, chemical and other industries, for the strong toughness, strong fibrous material crushing, such as plants, fruit and so on. Crushing is a must before important link is a fine powder grinding step, it is necessary equipment for fine grinding process, it is not affected by the viscosity, hardness, softness and fiber limit for any material can play a better crushing effect.

Our crushing machine is a vertical structure, material by crushing machine into the hopper into the crushing chamber, the rotary rotary impact, fixed and movable knives and at the same time, shear and crush, by the centrifugal force, the material flow at the outlet of automatic grinder. The coarse crusher is designed according to the "GMP" standard, and the whole machine is made of stainless steel, so that the medicine, food and so on can meet the requirements of the national health. Crusher is a large size solid material crushed to the required size of the machine. The coarse crusher is composed of coarse crushing, fine crushing, pneumatic conveying and other devices, and the purpose of crusher is achieved by high-speed impact. The traditional screening procedure was cancelled by the use of wind energy once. It is mainly used in mines, building materials and other industries. Jade aviation hydraulic oil roughing machine to master material properties and requirements for crushing. Including the original shape, size, hardness, ductile and brittle parts, grindability and abrasiveness of the crushing materials. At the same time, the particle size and distribution of crushed products have a comprehensive understanding of the production rate, expected production, energy consumption, wear degree and occupation area of the grinder. Rational design and selection of grinding process and crushing machinery. For example, crushing series, open or closed type, dry method or wet method are adopted, and the correct selection of coarse crusher is an important link to complete crushing operation. For the treatment of non abrasive materials, crushing machine crush size requirements are not particularly fine (such as greater than 100μ m), would not have the consumption of high crushing machine, and the choice of low energy consumption crushing machine, if it can be equipped with a highly efficient classifier, it can not only avoid crushing and can increase the yield of.

A perfect crushing process design must consider the whole project systematically. In addition to the main structure of the crusher machine, other supporting facilities, such as feeding equipment and metering, grading device, dust and product collection, measurement packaging, noise elimination measures must be fully noted. In particular, coarse crushing operations are often the sources of dust in the plant. If possible, the whole system is best operated under a slight negative pressure. In the daily production of coarse crusher in the most common problem is the blockage, the problem is a direct manifestation of coarse crusher suddenly stopped running, the material will crush the chamber blocked, the machine can not operate. The main cause of the blockage is that the feed speed is too fast and the feed quantity is too much. The coarse crushing chamber can not deal with a large amount of material in a very short time. Such as the occurrence of such problems should be promptly turn off the power, the blocked material removal, cleaning equipment, check the feed system, proper control of feed quantity, adjust the feed rate, the operation of the device in steady state.

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