EPS Component Installation Method

- May 01, 2012 -

The basic installation process should have four steps: the wall base treatment, elastic line, bonding and repair.

1, the wall grass-roots treatment. Requirements: smooth or external insulation board, no other debris to stay.

2, the ball line. Requirement: Bars on or below the EPS component mounting position.

3, bonding. Requirements: Open the fiberglass mesh of the component with the wall connection surface, evenly apply 5mm thick polymer mortar to the back of the component,

Components placed in the top of the line 5mm, up and down Roudong, and the ball line after the closure and scraping off the excess polymer mortar.

4, repair. Requirements: After 24 hours of bonding, the joints at the joints and the back of the upper and lower

But just sticking EPS lines are mainly good maintenance, can not be man-made damage, washed by rain and so on. Open the glass mesh fabric used

10mm wide self-adhesive tape paste, coated with a layer of polymer mortar can be.

eps cutting machine:

eps block cutting machine.jpg

automatic coating machine:

automatic coating machine.jpg

eps expanding machine:

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