Eps Pre-engineered Pre-foaming Conditions And Improvement Measures

- Dec 09, 2013 -

EPS processing technology and technology in the country has become increasingly perfect and mature, but with the peer competition more and more intense, more and more thin profits, EPS manufacturers have to reduce production costs and improve product quality in order to win, which requires EPS processing manufacturers attach importance to every aspect of production and processing, processing and production process to analyze the defects and improve, in order to achieve their goals.

EPS processing production process common shortcomings, reasons, improve the method listed:


A. Foam agglomeration

1. The original grain coating agent too little

1. Raw granule coating agent

2. There is fine powder in the raw material

2. Use a uniform particle size

3. Steam pressure is too high

3. Reduce the steam pressure, plus or minus the valve

4. Foaming temperature is high

4. Lower the temperature inside the foam barrel

5. Steam is too much water

5. Steam pipe with water trap

6. Bubble bucket bottom condensate drain is poor

6. Condenser Condensate Discharge Pipeline is smooth

7. Feeding speed is slow, long barrel retention time

7. Increase the feeding speed

8. The original grain is overdue and the magnification is insufficient

8. Used to make low magnification expected

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