Features Of The Automatic EPS Block Molding Machine

- Aug 28, 2014 -

Features of the automatic EPS Block Molding Machine

WINPLUS Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd is a manufacturer of EPS foam molding machine R & D, production and sales, with advanced equipment, high level of scientific and technological personnel, through long time with other EPS foam molding machine manufacturers mutual learning and mutual cooperation, the company has accumulated rich experience in production, research and development.

EPS foam molding machine is a kind of equipment of foam crushing - plasticizing, pumping - granulating process into the required products, EPS foam molding machine with vertical layout, the use of hydraulic transmission system, adopts the most advanced computer and touch screen control, high degree of automation, easy to use. The movement of the machine is stable. After the power is cut off, it stops in time and has no inertia.

WINPLUS mechanical equipment Co. Ltd. as a professional manufacturer of EPS foam molding machine, with advanced equipment, professional production experience and skills, management and technical personnel in the rich, "follow the market development, meet the needs of the market" business philosophy, always adhere to the "quality first, customer first, service first" for the purpose. Constantly develop new products, improve product performance, and commitment to quality management, and strive to provide "high speed, high precision, high quality" products, as the market and customer returns and contributions.

Automatic foam molding machine and unpacking machine, which is automatically out of the box, forming, bottom folded and flexed, and now to complete the part of the tape paste, the cardboard box open, according to certain procedures or at the bottom of the box, and sealed with tape transport dedicated to packing machine preparation. Automatic foam molding machine is a high-volume carton automatic opening and automatic folding under cover, automatic sealing tape line equipment of the machine all adopt PLC+ display control, convenient operation, is essential for automated mass production equipment.

(1) the host computer chip automatic foam molding machine adopts imported PLC matching, LCD display, self diagnosis system and error correction function software backup fault, make the operation more convenient, without professional training can work.

(2) automatic foam molding machine adopts full hydraulic drive, hydraulic stepless frequency modulation technology is initiated in our country, to solve the fitness of various materials and molding machine block, and improve the compactness of the material, shorten the molding cycle.

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