Five Characteristics Of Eps Block Cutting Machine

- Apr 09, 2016 -

The small eps block cutting machine is welded by high quality rectangular steel pipe. The structure is reasonable, firm, high strength and invariable. The eps block cutting machine adopts frequency conversion speed regulation, which can realize 0-4.5m/min inorganic speed regulation to meet the requirements of various cutting speed. Foam plate cutting machine with horizontal, vertical and block cutting device, smooth movement, cutting size is accurate, arbitrary adjustment, can be achieved in three directions of cutting. Features of small foam cutting machine:

1, removable worktable, using negative pressure adsorption method, fixed by cutting foam.

2, red brake button for manual brake, when the start button is pressed, the button is invalid.

3. Equipped with movable cutting and aligning device. In order to ensure the precision of cutting size, a digital display ruler is provided.

4, when the brake electromagnet pull in, press the start button, brake electromagnet immediately release.

5. When the small eps block cutting machine stops running, it is equipped with manual and automatic device.

eps block cutting machine.jpgTechnical Data.jpg

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