Foam Cutting Machine Scope

- Dec 15, 2012 -

Foam cutting machine, mainly used for the cutting of foam material, which can be rigid foam, soft foam, plastic, cut into a square, rectangular, strip and other shapes, any graphics can be cut into the computer. With high cutting efficiency, cutting the size of accurate, high precision.

Structural features:

1, with a removable cutting material size adjustment device. In order to ensure the accuracy of cutting material size, with a digital display ruler.

2, movable table, using negative pressure adsorption, fixed cutting foam.

3, stop running, with a manual, automatic device.

4, red brake button for manual braking. This button is not available when the start button is pressed.

eps crushing machine:

crusher machine.jpg

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections:

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections.jpg

eps block moulding machine:

eps block moulding machine.jpg

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