Four Characteristics Of Hotwire Foam Cutter

- Apr 28, 2017 -

Hotwire foam cutter is mainly used for cutting the foam, foam copying hotwire cutting machine can be cut foam, soft hard foam, plastic into square, rectangular, strip and other graphics, the cutting efficiency is very high, the size of the cutting is also very accurate, high precision value. And hotwire foam cutter prices are relatively moderate, easy to allow users to accept, so the promotion is very rapid.

The structure features of hotwire foam cutter are as follows:

1. Equipped with movable cutting and aligning device. In order to ensure the size and accuracy of cutting, the machine is equipped with a digital display ruler.

2, can move the workbench, using negative pressure adsorption method, the cutting foam can be fixed, not arbitrary displacement.

3, when stop running, with manual and automatic two devices.

4. The red brake button of hotwire foam cutter is used for manual brake. When the start button is pressed, the button fails. When the brake electromagnet attracts each other, and then press the start button, the brake electromagnet is released immediately.

eps block cutting machine.jpg

Continuous Cutting- Vertical:

Continuous Cutting- Vertical.jpg



Technical Data:

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