Introduction Of Foam Hot Wire Cutter

- Oct 15, 2016 -

Foam hot wire cutter Mainly used for cutting the foam bubble shape cutting machine, it can be hard foam, soft foam, plastic cut into square, rectangular bar, etc., with high cutting efficiency, cutting size is accurate, the advantage of high precision.

The foam hot wire cutter has a movable worktable, and adopts the negative pressure adsorption method to fix the cutting foam. The red brake button is used for manual braking. The button is invalid if the start button is pressed during operation. Equipped with movable cutting and aligning device. In order to ensure the precision of cutting size, a digital display ruler is adopted. When the brake electromagnet is pulled in, press the start button, and the brake electromagnet is released immediately. The foam molding machine is equipped with manual and automatic equipment when it stops running.

The foam hot wire cutter is mainly used for cutting foam board, foam board to protect the main structure of the building, to extend the life of the building. External insulation of exterior wall is to put the insulation layer outside the structure, reduce the stress caused by the structural deformation caused by temperature change, and reduce the harmful substances in the air and ultraviolet radiation on the structure erosion.

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Technical Data:

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