Main Performance Characteristics Of EPS Coating Machine

- Apr 30, 2014 -

Main performance characteristics of EPS coating machine

1、use hardness 50 degrees rubber roller, press the strength evenly;

2、optional single side automatic film inlet;

3、equipment belt automatic cutting function, can set a single or multi slice cutting;

4、have the function of advance and retreat, can guarantee the product back when necessary;

5、the pressure is adjusted automatically, and the thickness of the laminating film is adjustable;

6、all body aluminum alloy surface oxidation treatment;

7、with counting function;

8、cutting blade adopts high hardness steel after quenching, effectively prolong service life;

9、Feeding platform is imported anti-static PU conveyor belt, automatic feeding, adding positioning bar to feed table;

10、the whole machine adopts PLC, touch screen control, man-machine interface, a variety of mode switching;

11、the equipment adopts stepping motor, the film speed is adjustable;

12、The discharging platform is made of stainless steel inclined plate


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