Matters Needing Attention In Operation Of Crusher Machine

- Mar 05, 2015 -

Universal superfine crusher machine technology is a new technology in recent ten years, it is based on the traditional grinding technology, the concept of grinding will greatly extend forward. In all kinds of universal superfine crusher machine, the jet mill and mechanical crusher used in the pharmaceutical industry has been in the jet mill in the wide application of fluidized bed type airflow superfine pulverizer, and the mechanical crusher in the application of pressure grinding type is the most extensive effect is the best.

In the process of drug production in solid materials by superfine grinding in the micron and nanometer size, physical and chemical properties of the material will change greatly, thus significantly improve the drug dissolution, and can reduce the side effects of drugs. Both oral and external use can obviously improve the curative effect. Especially in the field of medicine, ultrafine grinding technology can change the traditional means of traditional Chinese medicine, traditional Chinese medicinal materials by ultrafine grinding after thinning, can be directly used for oral administration, thereby avoiding the tedious process of decocting pieces, and greatly facilitate the patient medication. Hunan stainless steel

Not only that, the study shows that, by the traditional Chinese medicine dosage after ultrafined, only the equivalent of the original prescription dosage 1/10, which saves the precious resources of Chinese herbal medicines, but also protects the environment for the cultivation of Chinese herbal medicines. In addition, the superfine grinding technology can make the insoluble or slightly soluble effective products in the water, through cell wall broken, can significantly improve the bioavailability of drugs. This creates a new way for Chinese medicine to enter the world. As a new technology, ultrafine comminution technology has been paid more and more attention by relevant research departments and pharmaceutical industry since the 90s of last century, and many theories of this technology are still in the stage of continuous exploration. With the continuous improvement and development of measurement technology and comminution theory, "superfine crushing technology and superfine crusher machine" will be more widely used in the field of pharmaceutical industry in china.

In the application of ultrafine crusher machine, the control must be made in the following aspects of requirements:

1, optimize the hierarchical structure. Classification of superfine crushing system is essential link, one of the most notable features is the ultrafine pulverizer, which can realize the continuous feeding and discharging, to prevent material crushing, resulting in unnecessary energy consumption. The diameter of the grading wheel, the speed of rotation and the air flow rate should be increased properly to ensure the fine particle size of the classifier.

2, the spiral feeder, oscillating feeder or star feeder can be used to ensure that the energy source in the crushing chamber is continuously supplied by the material, and the concentration of the material in the crushing chamber is satisfied.

3, advanced dual frequency control technology, so that the control of the machine can reach a high level, the material discharge speed and fineness are greatly improved.

4, the original material into Jiangyin superfine crusher machine should be as small as possible. In order to achieve this goal, it is necessary to use ordinary crusher machine to pre crush before ultrafine grinding, which is the most direct and effective way to save energy and increase unit output.

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