Repair And Maintenance Of Crusher Machine

- Sep 25, 2015 -

1, Should regularly check and pay attention to crusher machine bearing and rotating parts, regular filling high speed butter. Bearings should be replaced when wear is too large for long term use.

2, Hammer pieces, such as edge wear is too large, will reduce production, and cause the machine heating up, should be replaced in time. It must be replaced

All the 4 pieces are replaced and the weight is equal, so that the balance can be reached, and the strong vibration can be prevented when rotating.

3, When the fan is too worn, the slag content is obviously improved and should be replaced in time. When changing, it is necessary to pay attention to the clearance of the lining of the inclined fan, otherwise it will affect the quality of the powder.

4, Crusher machine tooth plate after long-term use will lose attention to the replacement of blade.

crushing equipment.jpg

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