System Structure Of Automatic Foam Cutting Machine

- Aug 13, 2016 -

WINPLUS Machinery Equipment Co. Ltd. as a professional automatic foam board cutting machine supplier of automatic foam board cutting machine has a deep understanding, following on from the company's technical staff to introduce the system structure of automatic foam board cutting machine:

1. Automatic height regulator:

It has the functions of automatic positioning, cutting machine automatic perforation, automatic ignition and automatic capacitor adjustment. Plasma arc cutting is equipped with imported arc pressure regulator.

2, drive system:

The drive system uses all digital AC server and motor, so as to ensure the running accuracy.

3 、 walking reducer:

Walking speed reducer with German high degree of planetary gear reducer.

4. Lifting mechanism:

The aluminum alloy structure of the lifting mechanism is driven by the screw rod and guided by the linear bearing, so as to ensure the cutting precision.

5, fuselage:

The fuselage is a Longmen type structure. The beam is annealed to eliminate the stress. It has good rigidity and will never deform.

6, transverse guide rail:

The horizontal guide rail of automatic foam cutting machine adopts imported linear guide rail, which has high precision and stable operation of cutting machine.

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