The Key To EPS Expander Machine Heating

- Sep 30, 2014 -

    1、 The penetration must be used by low pressure, the ordinary heat treatment is the use of high pressure (according to the characteristics of raw materials and mold set different high pressure);

    2、Before the exhaust must be exhaust treatment, that is, the two steam valves and drain valve all open, through the steam and raw materials and mold cavity in the air and water discharge, this step can be adjusted according to the mold temperature, generally 1 ~ 2S;

    3,、The requirements of the steam, must be dry, can not bring water or pot of water


    (1) Penetration time will be long (equivalent to high temperature boiled mold);

    (2) Mold corrosion great (equivalent to a hot water with a pressure die)

    The reason for the steam with water: the water level of the tank may be too high or the steam pot pot.

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