The Reasons And Solution To The Interference In Expansion EPS Speed

- Dec 18, 2017 -

1 、Possible reasons:

The pressure of the steam inlet of eps expansion machine is too small to affect the overall pressure of the steam inside the tank.

Terms of settlement:

(1) setting up reasonable diameter of steam pipe and reasonable structure of steam gas chamber

(2) check whether various valves (pressure relief valves, cut-off valves, etc.) at the entrance have clogging or failure and excluded.

2 、Possible reasons:

Clean up the steam floor regularly to ensure the ventilation hole is smooth.

Terms of settlement:

(1) clean up the steam plate regularly to ensure the ventilation hole is smooth.

(2) to ensure that the steam is clean and the water content is low.

3 、Possible reasons:

The seal in the barrel is not strict and there is a leak.

Terms of settlement:

(1) check carefully whether the pipe interface connected to the tank is leaking, if there is leakage, replace the seal.

(2) check whether the door, window and other places are sealed well.

(3) check the mixing shaft is sealed well, if there is gas leakage, please replace the seal.

Overall Dimension:

Technical Data:



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