To Explore Some Reasons And Solutions Of The Influence Of Sending Speed

- Mar 04, 2017 -

Possible causesTerms of settlement
1The pressure at the steam inlet is too small to affect the overall pressure of the steam in the tank

1. set reasonable steam pipeline caliber and reasonable steam gas chamber structure

2. check all kinds of valves (pressure reducing valves, stop valves, etc.) at the entrance. Are there any blockages or failures and eliminate them.

2Steam floor blockage. Due to long-term use, the bottom vent may be blocked by impurities, affecting the flow of steam.

1. clean the steam floor regularly to ensure the ventilation well..

2. to ensure clean steam, low moisture content.

3The barrel is not sealed tightly and leaks.

1. carefully check the pipeline connection with the tank whether there is air leakage, if there is a leak, replace the seal.

2. check the door, window and so on, whether the seal is good.

3. check whether the shaft is well sealed. If there is a leak, replace the seal.

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