Two Types Of Beads Density Checking Method In EPS Pre-expander Machine

- Jan 05, 2018 -

  Normally there are two types of beads density checking method, one is manual checking, another is automatic checking.

  Manually checking means that the expanded beads are put in a measuring cup(normally it is 1L), then us a straight ruler to brush the beads so that they are in the same level with the cup topside. Then measure the gravity by a balance which has be adjusted well. The advantage of this method is low cost. But the tolerance of checking is not easy to control, because the checking point, checking method are not the same, the result is very easy to be impacted. So if using this method, we need to try our best to avoid checking by different operator, at the same time, the surrounding should not have vibration and wind blow.


 Automatic checking means that the expanded beads gravity is checked through an automatic device( Sampling, brushing, measuring, data transferring, adjusting).There is not necessary for manual operation in the whole process. The advantage of this method is that the whole process is done by program instead of manually. So the checking result is more accurate. But because the construction is complex, so the material cost is much higher than manually method. 

Eps Beads Expanding Machine.jpg

Automatic gravity checking device made by WINPLUS used in the customer factory:

IMG_3299.JPG 59fd7fa73d74e.png

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