Use Process And Matters Needing Attention Of Crusher Machine

- Nov 13, 2015 -

1, Before use, check the crusher machine all fasteners are tightened, the belt is tight.

2, Spindle running direction crusher machine must comply with the direction of the arrow shown on the protective cover, otherwise it will damage the machine, and may cause personal injury.

3. Check the integrity of the appliance.

4, Check the machine crushing room with metal and other hard debris, otherwise it will break the tool, affecting the machine running.

5, The material must be checked before the grinding purity, not allowed to have metal hard debris mixed, so as not to break the tool or cause burning accidents.

6, The oil of crusher machine should often inject lubricating oil Chunlan denim, ensure the normal operation of the machine.

7, Stop feeding before shutdown, if not continue to use, to clear the remnants of the machine.

8, Regularly check whether the tool is damaged with the screen, if damaged, should be replaced immediately.

9, The use of the opportunity to experience a small vibration, must be connected to the handle cap tightening, to avoid accidents.



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