What Should Be Paid Attention To Before Crushing Equipment Test Machine?

- Jul 17, 2015 -

Crushing equipment has now become the indispensable equipment in human society, our company is a professional heavy-duty crusher manufacturers, in order to better the crushing equipment put into production, so how to carry out the test before the examination? Today, let's introduce you:

1. the quality of the raw material needed for the test machine: whether the particle size is uniform, the size of the moisture content of the material, whether it contains impurities.

2, check whether it is suitable for test machine material crushing process requirements, the quality of the chassis and liner is reliable, when entering the machine should be able to achieve uniformity when feeding.

3, start the lubricating oil pump, observe whether the swing of the ammeter is normal, whether the screw is running smoothly, everything is ready to normal, and then feeding.

4, in the first official feed, to do less and uniform, and observe the change of the operation of the current meter, remove the impurities on the surface of the mineral raw materials, to reach all normal, should gradually increase the amount of material, keep a certain gap, the rotation speed of the high-pressure pump before adjustment all the work, recorded in all conditions of the discharge quantity and discharge granularity, when we can get high yield material, can carry out normal grinding operations, in general we feed test under the condition of not less than 2 hours.

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