Winplus Service Person Go To New And Old Customers' Factory, To Visit And Make Equipment Maintenance At The End Of The Year

- Dec 20, 2017 -

Winplus service person go to new and old customers' factory, to visit and make equipment maintenance at the end of the year 

This is also the Winplus gives long-term feedback and permanent technical support and security for customers. The company regularly arranges such work every year to ensure the normal production of the customers. At present, the return visit is still in progress. The following is a part of the customer.

Model and time of purchase: YF1950 , 2014:eps expander machine.png

Model and time of purchase: YF1950 ,2015:

eps expanding machine.png

Model and time of purchase: YF3000 ,2016:

eps expansion machine.png

Model and time of purchase: YF1950 ,2015:

eps beads expander machine.png

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