Hot Sale Styrofoam Large Hot Wire Cutter

Hot Sale Styrofoam Large Hot Wire Cutter

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Q: Do your manufacture Industrial hot wire foam cutter?

A: Yes, we produce high efficient styrofoam large hot wire cutter.

Q: Do you have sales overseas?

A: Yes, we have sales not only in China but also overseas.

Q:Where is you factory located?

A: Our factory is located in Yantai City, Shandong Province, China.

Q: When did you established your company?

A: I established the company in 2012. We produce professional EPS machinery with the best quality.

Q: What is the delivery date of styrofoam large hot wire cutter?

A: Normally the delivery date is about 60 days after the down payment. But it also can be according to our negotiation.

Q: What is the minimum order quantity? Is there any demo machine in the factory?

A: The minimum quantity is one set, and it is customized according to the customer inquiry. For the demo machine in the factory, normally there is, but because there are many types, the exact demo machine is not fixed.

EPS cutting machine with double vibration cutting sections.jpg 

Precious Conveyor Belts Ensure Smooth Transferring Of The Blocks.jpgVibration Cutting Section.jpg
Precious Conveyor Belts Ensure Smooth Transferring Of The BlocksVibration Cutting Section

Continuous cutting- Horizontal.jpgContinuous Cutting- Vertical.jpgConveyor racks after fabrication and assembling..jpg
Continuous Cutting- HorizontalContinuous Cutting- Vertical
Conveyor Racks After Fabrication And As Sembling

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