Eps Expanding Machines For Sale

Eps Expanding Machines For Sale

WINPLUS eps Preexpander machine has automatic cleaning function. When beads gravity changes, it is not necessary for the operator go inside the drying bed to clean the beads manually, the operator only need to push a button in the MMI, the cleaning will run automatically, in few minutes the...

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Product Details

eps expanding machine.jpg

eps expanding machine.jpg 

Winplus's belief is to constantly improve our professional expertise to provide our customers with the best products and services, and become the leader in the field of EPS expanding machine.

Our EPS expanding machie widely used: construction sites; fruit package, vegetable package, TV package, refrigerator package etc.

Winplus is well-known as one of the leading EPS expander manufacturers and suppliers in China. We will offer you the best price and service.

■ Details

Panasonic PLC.jpg

Formula Storage  System.jpg

Panasonic PLC

Formula Storage  System

Cabinet assembled professioally.jpg

Main shaft and mixing rods.JPG

TYPE YF3000 pre-expanding machine for one customer.jpg

PID Valve from Germany.jpg

Cabinet Assembled 


Main Shaft And 

Mixing Rods

TYPE YF3000 Pre-expanding

 Machine For One Customer

PID Valve --Gemu

Side Discharge Door.jpg

Bottom Discharge Door.jpg

Pneumatic cabinet.jpg

Side Discharge Door

Bottom Discharge Door

Pneumatic Cabinet

Angle valves are all imported from Gemu Germany.jpg

Specially designed heating plates ensure the best heating.jpg

Sepcially designed brushing system ensures prefect brushing effect..jpg

Angle Valves Are All Imported 

From Gemu Germany

Specially Designed Heating Plates 

Ensure The Best Heating

Sepcially Designed Brushing System 

Ensures Prefect Brushing Effect

Leveling sensor control box.jpg

Loading for shipment.jpg

Shipment to the customer.jpg

Leveling Sensor Control Box

Loading For Shipment

Shipment To The Customer

We are here, please contact us for any needed.

Add: No.216, Fenghuangshan Rd, Fushan Dist , YANTAI CITY, SHANDONG, CHINA

Phone: +8615006550282

Fax: +86-535-6328630

E-mail: ytwj_huangwei@163.com

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