Expanded Eps Foam Making Machine

Expanded Eps Foam Making Machine

Expanded eps foam making machine is made by Winplus China, if you want to understand more detail about EPS expanding machine, you are right place. Keep reading

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Product Details

1. Expanded eps foam making machine are controlled by PLC system to keep the machine work automatically.


2. Simple tube system.
3. Use 2.2kw high pressure high pressure blower during both feed and discharge. It makes higher speed
and less energy consumption.
4. Efficient screw conveyor or vacuum loading and electronic weighting device to make higher production efficient and less
labor intensity

绞龙上料1.jpg    真空上料1.jpg

5. With enclosed construction, the chamber will make high efficient and save more steam and use 50% energy less than continuous pre-expander.
6. The machine is equipped with fluidized bed dryer, including drying, automatic sieving, delumping and material conveying to silos.


7. Most components used I the machine are of famous brand both at home and abroad, e.g The vibration controller from Korea, the valve from Germany, the PLC from Japan

   振动感应棒1.jpg   Angle valve.jpg PLC.jpg

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