Hot Sale Eps Expander Machines

Hot Sale Eps Expander Machines

Eps pre expander machine is used in molded expanded polystyrene. After pre expansion, eps moulding can be processed. expanded polystyrene beads can be expanded by different ratio, the expanded beads with bigger ratio mainly are used in the packing and construction such as vegetable boxes, F.R....

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Steam quality impacts the eps expander machines especially for high density eps foam pre-expanding machine. If the steam not clean and not dry enough, even though the steam is filtered by the filter, but it is not enough, the chemical material in the steam will go into the angle valves, it will form a kind of rust foam, if the foam is coated nearby the valves rod, the sealing of the valves will be broken during the opening and closing of the rods, if broken, the valve will have the problem of the leakage.


So it is very necessary for the eps wall panels beads expanding machine users to clean and soften the steam as much as possible before the steam enters eps beads expanding machine. Furthermore, the daily maintenance and all level maintenance should include the checking for this issue. If there is furring on the surface of the rods, the operator should stop the machine and dismantle the valve, clean the valve thoroughly using right tool. If some spare parts damaged already, it should be changed with new one on time.

Overall Dimension:

overall dimension.jpg

EPS machine expanding process:

EPS machine expanding process.jpg

Technical Data:

technical data.jpg



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