EPS Block Molding Machine

EPS Block Molding Machine

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Product Details

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Full Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine--F.R Block

eps block molding machine.jpg

Full Automatic Vacuum Block Molding Machine--Normal Block 

Basic body

Blockmould is designed in vertical sahpe, with only one side openning which ensures the steam and vacuum tigthness 100% during the process. This is also needed for the pressure sertification and during operation machine needs less service. Predefined dimensions on the blockmould and working pressure indictes that the unit is a kind of pressure vessel (box) which has to be made from special material, afterwards verified by an inspector. (TUV-BureuVeritas) The certificates for inpection will be delivered together with the machine and this protects the buyer and the seller from the future problems against labour issiues.

The machine is made with fix walls, according to the demand we can also offer adjustable walls. Machine steam chamber made of stainless steel wedge wires (SSWW) means has an openning surface of steaming 12%. This accelerates the steam and vacuum cycles and in the end cycle time shortens. The plates connected with 6 screws, easy to service when needed.

■Machine Overall Dimension (For Reference)



■WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS block molding:

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS block molding.jpg

■WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS shape molding:

WINPLUS offers the best solution for EPS shape molding.jpg

Technical Data:

Technical Data.jpg



■Workshop Plan for EPS Block Factory:

Workshop Plan for EPS Block Factory.jpg


Block seperation.jpg

Feeding guns from Korea.jpg

Strong Vacuum.jpg

Block Seperation

Feeding Guns From Korea

Strong Vacuum

Block Width Adjustable.jpg

EPS raw beads mixing.jpg

Block Width Adjustable

EPS Raw Beads Mixing

CNC precious machining.jpg


CNC Precious Machining 


Pressing Function.jpg

Steam Plates after precious fitting.jpg

Pressing Function

Steam Plates After Precious Fitting


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