Characteristics and operation method of block molding machine

- Sep 12, 2015 -

 Block molding machine a function is complete, easy to adjust the parameters and other functions. Closed molds, feeding, foaming, mold, gas off automatic control, but also allows computer control of the production of products using a variety of heating methods Foam can be used in the mold of the soil environment intact old machine, no change in the case of plants , The machine can be in the best condition, so that products to achieve automatic vacuum forming machine compact, space-saving, reliable performance, easy maintenance, save manpower, save steam, save the quality of raw materials.

Block molding machine semi-automatic learning, a little bit, without training, every 2-4 people at the same time operating machine sheet molding machine using imported hydraulic system to increase the clamping force to improve the mold speed, so that shorter molding cycle, more Energy-saving automatic foaming machine EPS simple function Simple sheet metal forming machine is the whole of China, graphical interface control, man-machine dialogue foam molding machine screw mechanical transmission form.

The machine is simple and practical, reliable, easy to maintain Perfect fault self-diagnosis, motor protection system, safe operation of protective equipment and protective sheet machine The cost-effectiveness of the molding machine equipment, for money or for the transitional investment of users, is the ideal choice

eps block molding machine.jpg

eps block moulding machine.jpg

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