Classification And Maintenance Of Coating Machine

- Mar 01, 2016 -

Coating machine is divided into cold plastic coating machine and hot plastic coating machine, cold glue and hot plastic coating machine difference:

Hot plastic refers to the back of the wall attached to the glue, the construction without the need for plastic, the use of steam iron directly on the wall stick up;

Cold glue refers to the use of environmentally friendly plant gum (potato starch glue, glutinous rice starch glue) on the wall before the plastic, and then directly paving.

Hot plastic construction needs to hang cloth, hot real, cut edge. Without the need for glue, easy to carry (but with steaming iron and other processing tools), but the wall is not easy to construction of corners; high temperature or indoor temperature is too high will affect the service life; glue composition is environmentally friendly, the permeability of the cloth, are Uncertain factors, high temperature easy to melt, from the drum, off;

Cold glue construction needs to glue, hanging cloth, scratch real, cut edge. Technology is mature, easy to use, plant gum (potato starch glue, glutinous rice starch glue) environmental protection, wall cloth on the back of a foam coating technology, glue does not affect the permeability, long service life.

Covered machine is widely used, we have not want to understand it? Let's take a look at how the maintenance of the wrapper is used

1, The working environment should be kept clean, to prevent dust into the coating system, affecting the quality of coating.

2, Reducer lubricants in the first use after 1 month, should replace the new lubricants, after half a year to replace once, when the workload is large, 3 months to replace 1 times. In the summer when the high temperature should be replaced with large viscosity reducer lubricants. When the temperature is low in winter, you should replace the reducer lubricating oil with low viscosity. Drive system: sprocket drive, the chain part of the monthly butter plus 1. In the case of a gear drive system, the turbine seat shall be fed with butter once every two weeks and the turbine seat shall be free of oil.

3, The work is completed, you must turn off the total power.

4, Repair or adjustment parts, should be handled by the relevant professionals.

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