Common technical performance of foam cutting machine

- Jul 14, 2012 -

CNC foam cutting machine structure is reasonable, stable performance, high precision, advanced technology, easy operation, advanced CNC cutting software technology can support CNC cutting machine to achieve full-time cutting, automatic cutting and efficient cutting, first-line brand controller stepper motor Stainless steel light rod / linear bearing (y-axis), full support stainless steel rail / precision slider (cutting base), high-quality leveling feet, making the equipment performance is good, the Taiwan high-frequency quenching vacuum chrome / alloy ball screw / , Ultra-stable, high precision, customer preferred manufacturers are the basic conditions.

Second, the CNC foam cutting machine cutting area, cutting efficiency, cutting accuracy, cutting quality, the use of CAD software with cutting machine application software, the required size and graphics input CAD after cutting use, and 2 meters plate can be a Placed six, electric wire can be added to 30, can be cut 30 times a complex 2-dimensional body, the product accuracy can reach 0.05, the surface roughness in the 0-0.005 range.

CNC foam cutting machine application industry, casting EPC industry, construction industry, European component industry, advertising industry, aerospace model, stage set, video props, artificial landscape, sports and so on. The main cutting foam board, dovetail groove, saw groove, trapezoidal groove and other profiled trough, European-style eaves line, foot line, Roman column cylinder, and color plate sandwich foam foam modeling, etc., as long as the two-dimensional graphics are There is no limit to cutting and cutting.

crusher machine:

crusher machine.jpg

eps expanding machine:

eps expander machines.jpgeps expanding machine.jpg

automatic coating machine:

automatic coating machine.jpg

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