Correct use method of hot wire foam cutting machine

- Dec 05, 2017 -

(1) Before use, the performance of the hot wire foam cutting machine must be carefully inspected to ensure the integrity of the components. The power switch, the tightness of the cutting piece, the protective cover or the safety baffle are inspected in detail, and the operating table must be stable

(2) Lighting should be enough at night

(3) Before use, first open the master switch, no-load test turn several laps, to ensure that the security is not allowed to start after error

(4) Check whether the power supply meets the rated voltage of the hot wire foam cutting machine before operation, so as not to mistake the power supply and not use the saw blade whose rated speed is less than 4800 rpm

(5) We must firmly grasp the hot wire foam cutting machine, hand evenly vertical vertical cutting, and the fixed end to be solid and reliable

(6) Shall not attempt to cut the small workpiece without clamping or the profile with edge edges (e.g., when the outer diameter is less than 15 centimeters)

(7) In order to improve work efficiency, it is necessary to do a good auxiliary clamping and positioning work before one or more pieces are sawed together

(8) The sawing operation shall not be carried out, and the cutting operation should be carried out until the motor speed reaches the full speed before cutting

(9) No one is allowed to stand on the front and side of the hot wire foam cutting machine during cutting, and the power supply should be cut off immediately when the power is cut off, rest or leave the work place

(10) The hand shall not be disengaged from the operating handle before the hot wire foam cutting machine stops turning

(11) The protective cover shall not in place, will not hand over from the saw blade less than 15 cm. Do not lean over or around the saw machine, when the operation body tilted 45 degrees is appropriate.

(12) There is abnormal sound, should immediately stop operation, inspection; repair or replacement parts must first cut off the power supply, and wait for the saw blade completely stop

(13) When hot wire foam cutting machine is used in damp place, it must stand on the insulating mat or dry wood board. The safety measures must be done when climbing or in the dangerous area such as explosion prevention

Continuous cutting- Horizontal:

Continuous cutting- Horizontal.jpg

Conveyor racks after fabrication and assembling:

Conveyor racks after fabrication and assembling..jpg

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