EPS basic information

- Dec 07, 2018 -

  1. Properties of EPS
  • Light Weight. EPS is an extremely lightweight material which is not surprising considering it is comprised of ~98% air. ...

  • Durability. ...

  • Moisture Resistance. ...

  • Thermal Efficiency. ...

  • Shock Absorption. ...

  • Versatility. ...

  • Ease of Use.


2. What is expandable polystyrene?
Expandable polystyrene (EPS) is the raw material used in Plastro's production process, it becomes over three stages in blocks or castings. ... Pre-expansion process, the beads compact of the raw material are converted into cellular plastic beads with small closed cells

3. What is EPS Moulding?
Block moulding produces large blocks of EPS which can then be cut into shapes or sheets for use in both packaging and building/construction applications. Shape moulding produces parts which have custom designed specifications. Electronic product packaging in particular is where shape moulded EPS is used extensively.

4. Why is expanded polystyrene used for packaging?
Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) is a rigid cellular plastic, which is found in a multitude of shapes and applications. It is used for fish boxes, packaging for electrical consumer goods and for insulation panels for building

Product Details

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■ Details

Panasonic PLC.jpg

Panasonic PLC

Cabinet assembled professioally.jpgSide Discharge Door.jpgTYPE YF3000 pre-expanding machine for one customer.jpg
Cabinet Assembled 


Side Discharge Door

TYPE YF3000 Pre-expanding

 Machine For One Customer

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Bottom Discharge DoorPneumatic Cabinet
Angle valves are all imported from Gemu Germany.jpgLeveling sensor control box.jpg

Angle Valves Are All Imported 

From Gemu Germany

Leveling Sensor Control Box

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Loading For ShipmentShipment To The Customer

Automatic Eps material expander vessel needs to be polished well so that there will not be stick of the material, because the material is sticky, so if the surface is not smooth enough, the material will be stick on the vessel wall, the stick block will be bigger little by little. The best effect is called mirror polishing. Another solution is to make the vessel using mirror surface stainless plates.

Good vessel can save much material because there will not be sticky blocks in the expanded polystyrene machine. If the surface in some places of the vessel is damaged, it must be re-polished by the right tool. In order to ensure the wall surface quality, the operator must check the mixing paddles timely, if the paddle is very close to the vessel wall, they must adjust the position of the paddle in case they touch with each other.


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