EPS block molding machine

- Nov 11, 2014 -

EPS block molding machine is a kind of cycle vibration as the power source of the block processing equipment, the use of motor drive shaker driven shaking table up and down reciprocating vibration, in order to achieve the vibration of the block on the compact block. Compared with the traditional firing block, the block molding machine has the advantages of fast response, simple structure, good controllability, no geographical location limitation and so on. It has wide application prospect in the Yangtze River and the Yellow River. 

Shaking table as the core of the block forming machine, the vibration characteristics of a direct impact on the strength of the block, homogeneity and molding efficiency. With the development of computer technology and the improvement of computing rate, through the finite element modeling and analysis of the block molding machine, it can make up the limitation of the number of test equipment and measuring points, so that it can not grasp the vibration part response characteristic defect.

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