EPS crushing machines introduction

- Jun 20, 2013 -

EPS crushing machines are large-size solid raw materials crushed to the required size of the machinery. According to the size of the material to be broken or broken material can be divided into crusher crusher, grinder, ultrafine grinder, in the crushing process applied to the external force of solid shear, impact, rolling, grinding four kinds of scissors Cut mainly used in coarse crushing  and crushing operations, suitable for toughness or fiber materials and large pieces of broken or crushed operations. The impact is mainly used in crushing operations, suitable for crushing brittle materials; rolling is mainly used in high-fineness crushing (ultra-fine grinding) operations, suitable for most of the nature of the material for ultra-fine grinding operations; grinding is mainly used for super Micro-comminuted or oversized crushing equipment, suitable for further crushing operations after crushing operations. The actual crushing process is often the role of several external forces, but the high-end grinder are tailored according to the crushing environment.

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