Features and use of EPS Block Molding Machine

- Dec 20, 2014 -

(1) EPS Block Molding Machine computer using imported PLC host computer chip, matching the LCD screen, software backup fault self-diagnosis system and error correction function, the operation more convenient, the control program to fool-style design, no professional training can induction

(2) the whole hydraulic drive machine, with the first domestic stepless hydraulic FM technology to solve the molding machine on a variety of materials and block type of fitness, improve the material density, shorten the molding cycle.

How to use the EPS Block Molding Machine

 1, select the flattening table, a stable machine, you can pull the chassis feet to facilitate the observation of the machine panel. 

2. Insert the plug on the handheld head into the socket on the panel and tighten it.

3, plug one end of the power cord into the socket on the rear panel of the chassis and the other end into the power supply socket. Be sure to use single-phase three-wire power supply. 

4. Open the "POWER SW." On the rear panel of the chassis and press the "SWITCHING" button on the panel. The "WARM UP" green indicator will light and the machine will work.

 5. Press and hold the SETTING BUTTON button to set the appropriate value, usually between 0.5 and 2.0 seconds.

 6, the sensor head on the container cover above, press the handle on the start button, then "heating (HEATING)" red light, that is heating, the sensor head do not move away, "HEATING" red light And then remove the sensor head, and so on "WARM UP" green light or the machine buzzer short "beep" prompts and then the next container can be sealed. 

7, check the sealing quality, according to different materials, diameter containers and production efficiency, appropriate dressing "SET button (SETTING BUTTON) button, making the best quality sealing.

Block Width Adjustable:

Block Width Adjustable.jpg

EPS raw beads mixing:

EPS raw beads mixing.jpg

CNC precious machining:

CNC precious machining.jpg



Pressing Function:

Pressing Function.jpg

Steam Plates after precious fitting:

Steam Plates after precious fitting.jpg

Strong Vacuum:    Feeding guns from Korea:
Strong Vacuum.jpgFeeding guns from Korea.jpg



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