How to make the finished EPS product

- Dec 25, 2018 -

Normally it need 3 steps to obtain the finished EPS product, the finished EPS product is as followings

 Application 3


  1. The first step is EPS pre-expander

    A:it is used in first foam for polystyrene material which has deat with the foaming agent (just is pre-foam)

    B:Main features of EPS pre-expander in Winplus

    1.1 This machine adopts PLC programmable controller and touching screen to carry out automaticproduction from feeding, temperature control, ration pressurizing and feeding.

    1.2 Top-grade sealing foaming with constant pressure, high thermal efficiency, save 50% steam orabove than continuous foaming machine 

    1.3 Adopt high-precision imported pneumatic control valve so that temperature can be controlled at ±1%,EPS grains are at same level with low moisture content.

    1.4 Correct feeding method can assure even density 

    1.5 Use closed expansion chamber and pressure sensor control technology to realize stable foaming pressure.

    1.6 Expansion chamber temperature is controlled by temperature sensor and valve position ensuring accurate temperature control.

    1.7 Vibrating switch control material level to get accurate density, density tolerance less than ±2%.

    1.8 Stainless steel fluidized bed drier keeps inside temperature around 70 ℃

eps expanding machine.jpg

eps expanding machine.jpg 

2. The second step is EPS block machine

A: make eps foam beads to become big foam board through steam heating and wind cooling. 

With PLC English touch screen to realize full automatic production for feeding, heating, wind

cooling, mould opening, mould closing and ejecting the foam boards. 

B: main feature

1:Performing fully automatic, semi-automatic, middle starting and manual operating mode;

2:Using hydraulic system mold clamping, stable and reliable;

3:The main intake of steam control valve is pneumatic valve, good sealing, and long life;

4:Using the programmable control with color touch screen control, easy to operate;

5:Automatic feeding, convenience and high efficiency;

6:The main components (CPU template, touch screen, etc.) all use international and domestic brands;

7:Forced air-cooled refrigeration, high cooling efficiency, low moisture content;

8:Weighing shelf is available to buy individually according to customer requirements

block machine

The third step: EPS Cutting Machine

 cut complete shapes of EPS products to different size and different shape through cutting wires.


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