How to reduce the density of EPS foam?

- Dec 28, 2017 -

1, Start with raw materials, EPS has a lot of specifications, you can choose a higher rate of foam model.

2, When you advance, is the continuous eps foam making machine, can open the steam, increase the air pressure, appropriate to increase the outlet height (the three is not necessarily the same tune), need to pay attention, pay attention to the raw material particle state, be careful because of too high and too long caused by foaming raw material over expansion into waste.

3, Two times as the raw material in advance, after a period of time again curing curing barn is pumped into the pre foaming machine.

4, Starting from the mold, the silo location must be selected in the mold cavity maximum place, try not to open the back of the mold, and then mold water cavity can not have water phenomenon, must ensure that the airflow unobstructed. The above can maximize the feed particles, and will not lead to insufficient feed.

5, Debugging aspects, more, do not say here.

In short, do not deliberately reduce the density, the thickness of the product in the ideal state must be greater than 3 diameter of raw materials, in fact, you have to meet about 5. Capacity, scrap rate and energy consumption are considered.

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