Laminating process and effect of de flame coating machine

- Nov 16, 2016 -

De flame coating machine laminating process refers to the whole process of film and film covering, including membrane selection, film making, tailoring. Mainly used for advertising pictures, post wedding photos made over the film picture is highly anticorrosive, waterproof, dustproof, anti wrinkle and anti ultraviolet erosion performance, can produce a strong three-dimensional sense and artistic appeal.

Effect of laminating process on de flame coating machine:

The 1. film covered in the picture, to improve wear resistance and strength of the surface of the image.

The 2. picture is isolated with the outside air to prevent deformation and cracking due to corrosion and corrosive gases in the atmosphere of wet and dry caused by discoloration, fading and rain and ultraviolet radiation, to keep the picture the bright color Jingjiubushuai, extended picture display life.

3. attach the picture to the display board or the cloth surface to make the hanging advertisement picture.

4. press special mask or plate on the picture to form a picture with special artistic effects, such as light, Matt, oil painting, virtual, stereo and so on.

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