Maintenance of eps coating machine

- Jun 01, 2016 -

Automatic eps coating machine is plastic film coated with adhesive, and the paper for the substrate printed by rubber roller and the heating roller pressure close together, one composed of plastic products. Print after laminating, because plastic film appearance more than a layer of thin and transparent, looks more smooth and bright, not light forward printing and light fastness, extend the printed using life, while plastic film plays waterproof, wear resistance, folding resistance, resistance to chemical corrosion. Maintenance function.

1, often should be checked whether the sticky rubber roller, grease, and scrub the glue on the real-time trace and dust. Make sure the appearance of two rolls is clean and bright. Each roll appearance must be serious confrontation clean. Every time after using the machine, be sure to clean the machine immediately. Wipe the rollers with alcohol or xylene and wipe them with a soft towel, and don't scrape the rollers outward with sharp instruments. Each boot, or wipe the roll surface dust. And check whether the surface of the roller can be bright, stiff appearance or very sound, should be real-time analysis of the reasons for the search and cleaning, to be normal, all normal FireWire can inherit the use of rigid.

2, often check the hydraulic system of oil pipes, valves and cylinder plug whether there is oil leakage signs, when the invention of oil leakage signs should be real-time replacement of sealing ring, should also be in real-time to the hydraulic cylinder to add appropriate amount of hydraulic oil.

3, the blade edge line should be flat confrontation is elastic, when bending, teeth, curling and other signs should replace real time dressing, skin or offset printing machine using blade manganese steel 0.15~0.20 mm. In other words, according to the original size change.

4, regularly to the transmission parts and smooth surface of the smooth oil, to ensure that the machine is in a good smooth state. In particular, the high pressure roller bearing large pressure and high temperature, smooth oil easily volatile loss, should be real-time dwarf high temperature smooth oil, so that it can be normal under high temperature and high pressure.

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