Maintenance of vertical coating machine

- Jul 22, 2017 -

Maintenance of vertical coating machine, we should always check the vertical coating machine is stuck with a rubber roller, grease, and timely scrub the glue on the trace and dust. Make sure that the surface of the two roll is clean and bright. Each roll surface must be strictly kept clean. Be sure to clean the machine immediately after using the machine. Apply glue thinner (alcohol or xylene) to wash and use soft towel to clean each roller, and strictly not use sharp instrument to scrape the surface of roller. Every time you start, wipe the surface dust of each roll. And check the surface of each roll of the machine is bright and clean, the machine failure or abnormal sound, should immediately stop, timely find the cause of analysis and to exclude, to the machine all normal, you can continue to use the machine.

Develop regular habits check hydraulic system tubing, valves and cylinder plug if there is oil leakage phenomenon, if it is found that the phenomenon of oil leakage shall promptly replace the sealing ring, should also be timely to the hydraulic cylinder of the hydraulic oil amount. The scraper blade line should be kept smooth with elastic, when bending, teeth, edge phenomenon should be timely repair replacement, hard paper knife or offset printing machine using 0.15~0.20 steel skin mm, according to the original size change. Lubricate the transmission parts and slip surfaces of the machine regularly to ensure that the machine is in good lubrication condition. In particular, the large bearing of press roller has high pressure and high temperature, and the lubricating oil is easy to volatilize and drain. High temperature lubricating oil should be injected in time so that it can work normally under high temperature and high pressure. Every year a comprehensive inspection of the machine, the problem is solved in a timely manner.

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