Product description of fully automatic coating machine

- Oct 09, 2016 -

Automatic coating machine is a plastic film coated with adhesive, and the paper for the substrate printed by rubber roller and the heating roller pressure close together, one form of paper and plastic products. Can be divided into mica tape coating, paper laminating, advertising supplies film, aluminum foil laminating, suitable for: paper, film, PE, PVC and other coil composite. Fully automatic coating machine is made by the largest lens manufacturer in the world. It can realize automatic film coating and protect lens, so as to prevent the subsequent process from scratching the lens.

Description of fully automatic laminating machine:

1. fully automatic film, without manual intervention, close mounting, no bubbles

2. according to the size of the product, the degree of thickness, the device can be set blade type, to achieve accurate cutting

3. intelligent tool change function (according to the scanning product barcode, automatic recognition of blade type)

4. equipment for a wide range of applications, such as mobile phone back cover, LCD/LED and so on

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