Reason list of the beads block in the EPS pre-expande vessel and solution

- Apr 10, 2016 -


Possible Reason

Suggested solution


Dust in the raw material

1. Reduce the dust in the material as much as possible

2. Do enough filtering during infeed of the material, and do maintenance of filter system timely.


The distance between the mixing paddle and the steam base plate is not right.

1. Adjust the distance of the mixing paddle and the steam plates into the suitable dimension。

2. Check the sealing collar and the mixing paddle collar, if the distance not right , correct them.


The polished surface of the mixing paddle damaged.

1. Repair the damaged surface.

2. Fill the bolts holes by appointed sealing glue, then polish them into smooth surface.


Too high humidity in the steam pipe

3. Control the humidity in the steam sticking.

4. Discharge the cold water in the steam pipe as much as possible.


Drain not good.

1. Check the drain system(all necessary valves, filters), repair them if there is problem.


The temperature in the vessel is too high.

2. Reduce the steam pressure accordingly(The steam pressure should be adjusted according to the density and capacity required).

3. Check relevant parts in the steam pipes such as steam valves, balance valves, if there is problem, repair them.


Material feeding speed not correct.(Too slow)

1. Set reasonable feeding speed and feeding volume according to actual inquiry.

2. Do maintenance for the feeding blower and filter system to avoid any dust jam.


Mixing Speed not correct.

1. Normally it is caused by too slow mixing speed. Set reasonable mixing speed according to the vessel volume.


There is jam in the cleaning pipes in the vessel window.

1. Check timely and repair.


Raw material expired.

1. Store the raw material according to the inquiry。




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